Diagramming Sentences for Young Catholics Level 1

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New! - Diagramming Sentences for Young Catholics (Levels 1 and 2) provides families and teachers an approachable place to learn and practice sentence diagramming. With concise explanations and varied exercises, the workbooks not only introduce students to diagramming, but also give them the practice space needed to bolster understanding. Additionally, you will find Diagramming Sentences for Young Catholics a valuable supplement since these workbooks use the same terminology and progression found in Seton’s English for Young Catholics series.

Recommended for students Grades 4 and up - level 1 begins with basic sentences and ends with compound direct objects and imperatives. Level 2 begins with types of pronouns and prepositional phrases and concludes with compound sentences. Ultimately, Diagramming Sentences for Young Catholics is here to give students an accessible way to master English through building sentence diagrams. Copyright 2022. Answer Key included in back of book. Full Color. 8.5 x 11 inches. Level 1 has 94 pages and Level 2 has 60 pages.

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