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What are Interactive Math CD-ROMS?

They are like having a personal tutor skilled in Saxon Math. The program goes lesson by lesson through the entire Saxon Math book, presenting the mathematical concepts from each lesson with detailed examples. perfect as an instructional tool, or as a useful review, these programs are very popular with homeschooling families who use the Saxon math series.

These instruction CD-ROMs are very easy to use, and run on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. The student simply puts the CD-ROM in the computer and selects the lesson he has scheduled for the day.

The lessons are taught using a “whiteboard” which fills up most of the computer screen and makes the teacher’s writing easy to see.

D.I.V.E. lessons are 10-20 minutes long. After the new concepts are taught in the first part of each lesson, the student works out the D.I.V.E. example problems and then views the correct explanation.

Do I need the Saxon Math books?

Yes, CD-Roms are designed to supplement the Saxon Math curriculum. When combined with a Saxon Home Study Packet and Solutions Manual, CD-ROMS provide all the resources a student needs to excel at math.

Must my CD and Book edition match?

Yes, CD-ROMS are designed to go along with a specific edition of a Saxon textbook. Lessons will not correspond with other textbook editions.

Is this as good as a classroom lecture?

Actually it is better because the student can easily pause, rewind, and fast forward the lesson with the click of his mouse, something that cannot be done in a classroom lecture. Also, there is no teacher in the way, and so the student can always see exactly what the teacher is writing as it is being written.

Saxon Teacher or D.I.V.E.: What’s the difference?

Both interactive video supplements do an excellent presentation of each lesson in the Saxon text and teach the math concepts in a most adequate manner.

Saxon Teacher:

Official supplement to the Saxon Home Study Program.

Longer lessons, 20-30 mins

Uses actual problems from the textbook

Professional Math instructor

Help with each lesson and problem in the Practice Set and Problem Set.

4 or 5 Lesson Cds and 1 Test Solution CD.


Shorter Lessons

10-20 mins

Representative problems illustrating concepts

1 or 2 CDs.

"I often recommend Saxon Teacher and D.I.V.E. into Math because they are such dynamic products. They integrate both sight and sound into the learning process, offering more to every student and specifically helping audio learners. These interactive videos focus the child on the process involved in each chapter."

Don Valaike
Science/Math Counselor
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