The DIVE into Math multimedia supplement to the Saxon math series is a highly successful program.

D.I.V.E. offers:

  • Years of experience developing and producing excellent math instruction CDs for every level of Saxon math from Math 54 through Calculus, including many older editions of the texts.
  • A Christian teaching perspective.
  • Lesson by lesson instruction in mathematical concepts for the entire textbook, using detailed examples unique to the DIVE into Math program.
  • Enjoyable, classroom-like presentation.

After the new concepts are taught in the first part of each lesson, the student works on the D.I.V.E. example problems on their own by pausing the program, and then watches the correct explanation of each problem. The student can then review any part of the lesson that is necessary until they understand the lesson completely.

Special note on DIVE Software:

  • Most editions are now available as either a download or on a CD. The older editions are only available as a download
  • The DIVE software is designed to go along with a specific edition of the Saxon Math book for that grade level, and it is important to make sure your edition of the text matches the edition of the DIVE software that you are using. The one exception to this is Algebra 2. For Algebra 2 the 2nd and 3rd Editions are interchangeable. 

* Please note that there are no returns or exchanges on CDs once the package or wrapping has been opened, or on download purchases once the software has been downloaded.