Deluxe Lab Kit for Human Anatomy

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The Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab Kit is designed to accompany the latest book in the Young Explorer Series by Apologia Science. With this kit, you will have almost everything you need to complete the book's hands-on experiments and activities--all right at your fingertips. Supplies included enable children to nibble on an edible cell, test food for vitamin C, create a working diaphragm, and much more! Items are packaged in individual lesson bags to correspond with lessons in the book.

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Note: This kit is intended for parent/teacher use to complete curriculum lab activities with students. It includes items that are not designed or intended primarily for children ages 12 and under.

This kit contains the following:

Lesson 1:

Baking Soda Salt Plastic Cover Slip Medicine Dropper Pencil Scissors Clear Tape Lemon Jell-O Unflavored Knox Gelatin Jelly Bean 3 Skittles Smarties Fruit Roll Up Nerds Sprinkles Gumball

Lesson 2:

Modeling Clay 10 Toothpicks Measuring Tape Rubber Gloves Vinegar

Lesson 3:

Rubber Gloves Toothpick Magnifying Glass Nylon Stocking Clothespin Graph Paper

Lesson 4:

Water Buffalo Tooth Saltine Cracker 2 Ziploc Bags Cooking Oil Liquid Dishwashing Soap

Lesson 5:

Iodine Solution Brown Paper Bag 2 Vitamin C Tablets Cornstarch 6 Small Cups

Lesson 6:

Packet of Honey Sheet of Cardboard 3 Rubber Bands Large Straw 4 Large Balloons Flexible Plastic Tubing

Lesson 7:

Flashlight with Batteries Corn Syrup Red Cinnamon Candies White Jelly Bean Sprinkles Iron-fortified Cereal Neodymium Magnet Blood Typing Kit

Lesson 8:

Sheet of Cardboard Red and Blue Paint Paintbrush 10 Toothpicks 6 Large Marshmallows 20 Small Marshmallows Large Balloon Small Plastic Funnel

Lesson 9:

12 Sheets of Construction Paper File Folder Six-Sided Die

Lesson 10:

Wooden Ruler Plastic Easter Egg Corn Syrup

Lesson 11:

Vanilla 5 Small Paper Plates 6 Small Cups 5 Cotton Swabs Sugar Ground Coffee Saltine Crackers Powdered Chocolate Drink Mix Small Slinky Blindfold 5 Sheets of Colored Construction Paper 18 Index Cards 4 Large Straws 6 Plastic Spoons

Lesson 12:

Rubber Band Stamp Pad Glue 5 Paper Clips

Lesson 13:

Nutrient Agar 5 Petri Dishes 10 Cotton Swabs

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