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In this new Biology textbook from Seton Press, high school students explore the intricate wonders of God's creation in the world of living things. This pro-life textbook concentrates on human biology, with the first part of the book centering on the human body, starting with conception and fetal development in the womb. It progresses through cells and cell structure, and then continues with detailed analysis of the various systems of the human body, as well as genetics.

The second part of the book covers general biology including biological classification, systems of plants and animals, and non-human organisms from single-celled organism through complex multi-celled organism like fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Authored by several Catholic doctors and other health professionals, Biology for Life has been used successfully as an online only digital text for several years. It has been revised and edited by Dr. Kenneth Stein, Ph.D. Full color illustrations and diagrams throughout help to make concepts vivid and concrete. Separate answer key included. Hardcover. 496 pp.

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Excellent source for biology
Life is a miracle and miracles come from God
Biology for Life is an outstanding biology textbook which is clear, truly educational and a pleasure to read. The premise of this book is that life is a miracle and a great gift from God, and the proper response is gratitude for being alive and awe and wonder at the marvels of life. Life should be cherished, and this textbook will lead you to cherish it even more. One great thing about this textbook is that it is beautiful, with hundreds of beautiful pictures and illustrations that demonstrate that not only is life marvelous, it’s also beautiful. Biology for life has many profound insights: The Law of Biogenesis was proved by Louis Pasteur in 1864 and it states that “organisms do not spontaneously arise in nature from nonliving things.” In other words, “Life begets life.” All life on earth came from other life, and the beginning of life on earth came from a living being who is God. Emotions are motivating forces that are also called instincts or appetites. Emotions are motivated by pleasure and pain, so the emotions need human reason to guide them to what is truly good and away from what is truly bad. Control your emotions or your emotions will control you. Unlike animals, we are able to combine knowledge with emotions, which leads to inclinations (likings) and behaviors that are not instinctive. Furthermore, our inclinations influence the emotions and, in turn, are influenced by them. These inclinations arise from the human will, which is the intellectual appetite (intellectual desires). Most biology textbooks treat the human life as just the human body and they ignore the human soul. Biology for life wisely recognizes that a human being is both a body and a soul, and that a biology textbook should not only explain the design and functions of the human body, but also the purpose of human existence. The purpose of life was explained as follows: The ultimate purpose of plants and animals is to grow and to reproduce. To determine what is the ultimate purpose of human life we must determine whether there is some idea or some good which, when possessed, completely satisfies the human intellect’s need for attaining truth and the human will’s need for the good. It is in this sense that we can reason to the idea that the possession of God is the ultimate purpose of man’s existence. There are very few textbooks that are a delight to read and that one would want to keep and treasure. Biology for Life by Seton Press is the kind of textbook you will want to keep and treasure.
Very thorough!

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