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DIVE Into Math - Physical Science Recommended by DIVE Into Math to be used after completion of or in concurrence with Pre-Algebra (DIVE Math 8/7 or Algebra 1/2). DIVE Physical Science, is a standalone course, supplemented with a textbook or the Internet. Typically completed in 8th or 9th grade, DIVE Physical Science is a full-year course that teaches introductory chemistry and physics. Topics include measurement of matter, atoms, the Periodic Table, nuclear chemistry, chemical bonds and reactions, acids and bases, Newton's laws, work and simple machines, gases and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and light. DIVE Physical Science contains 29 lessons, each with definitions, a lecture, and review questions. There are over 300 review questions total. There are 28 video labs, most of which are taught using the scientific method. Students formulate a hypothesis, perform the experiment, and then use the results to determine whether their hypothesis was correct. DIVE Physical Science labs also have a special emphasis on forms of energy, including, nuclear, carbon-based, solar and wind power. Quarterly exams are given, and a grade calculator is provided. Parents simply enter homework, lab and exam grades into the calculator, and it automatically calculates the student's overall grade. Upon completion of DIVE Physical Science, students will be better prepared for higher level science, will better understand the role of mathematics as the language of science, will become skilled at working with the scientific method, will be familiar with the use of technology in science, as well as the importance of understanding energy and energy sources that power our world, and will develop their lab skills above and beyond most of their peers. Most importantly, students will have a better understanding and appreciation for the rich Christian heritage that exists in science.

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