Holy Heroes CD: The Luminous Mysteries

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Holy Heroes
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The second of the 4-volume set of the Mysteries of the Rosary includes an introduction explaining a common misunderstanding about the rosary and how to better pray it, followed by a Scriptural rosary including more than a dozen children. Each mystery is introduced by an explanation of "what happened in the mystery", then before each "Hail Mary" a child reads a verse from the Scriptural revelation of the mystery. At the conclusion, hear about the history of the rosary and how it developed over the centuries into its current form today. Original orchestral music by William Straub aids the beauty of the meditations. (1 CD, in English, approx 40 minutes in length)

There is no greater gift to give your children than their faith and to teach them to pray. Prayer is a habit that will keep them close to God and help them grow in virtue, what could be better? These are great CDs for car rides or at night in your home during family prayers.

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