You're a Better Parent Than You Think

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A Guide to Common-Sense Parenting Here's the best, most original child-rearing book to come along in years! This indispensable guide, by parent/child counselor Raymond N. Guarendi, fosters your well-being as much as your child's. It shows that you already possess the most important qualification for being a successful parent- common sense. Covering the most troublesome aspects of parenthood, this book is full of real, sensible, down-to-earth guidance. It restores your confidence in yourself so you don't feel undermined by all the self-proclaimed experts and enables you to raise your children in a way that is better for them?and a lot better for you! The author teaches you the ins and outs of effective parenting by offering absorbing case examples of true-life situations that every parent will recognize. In this book you'll learn:
  • to avoid the causes of guilt, worry, and frustration
  • to calmly handle behavior that looks "abnormal"- but isn't
  • to give up unproductive tactics such as nagging, counting to three, and bribing- so that you can discipline more quietly, fairly, and effectively
  • and to end practices that are guaranteed to drive you batty, including overreasoning, quibbling, and perpetual overseeing.
Now you can trust your instincts and good sense and learn how to become a more relaxed, easygoing parent while raising happy, well-adjusted children. You are a better parent than you think! Includes index. Softcover. 241pp.

This book is also available as part of the Guarendi's two book set.

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