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Simplifying Your Domestic Church: A Spiritual Journal To Help Declutter, Organize and Systemize The Home

Imagine yourself walking inside a church - Christ-centered, uncluttered, and orderly. Wouldn't it be beautiful if we could recreate the same atmosphere in our own domestic churches? But aside from living out our vocations as wives and mothers, we have answered Our Lord's profound call to educate our children at home.

While home schooling has its indescribable rewards, it also comes with many challenges. One challenge, I believe, lies in how to provide a simple, holy, and orderly environment so our homes reflect a truly Christ-centered domestic church.

My hope is that this journal will somehow help families declutter, organize and simplify their own domestic churches.

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Sasscer, Abby
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Wonderful book, really ! It is as if you wrote it just for me! I had a very busy corporate life and recently realized that we have been accumulating things for the past 12 years! I knew I needed to do something but I didn't know where to begin. I was overwhelmed with household chores and was grappling to make a schedule that will work. When your book arrived, it gave me ALL the guidance and direction I needed. So thank you so, so much! I felt that you really wrote this book just when I needed it the most! May God bless you and your family!
This is a GREAT Wedding Gift!
Life-Changing Book!!
Ordered this book when it first came out and also spoke with Abby Sasscer on the phone. This book has changed our lives and I don't say that lightly. We have, correction, HAD, so much clutter in our house from moving so much in 20+ years of marriage and living in 8 different places, just bringing clutter from house to house to house and never really getting things organized. I had tried FlyLady and other organizing "helps" but I just couldn't find the impetus to really do it. Abby's book helped me really think of why we have the things we have in our lives, think more deeply about NEED vs. WANT, learn to detach, detach, detach, following the examples of the saints. Thank you, dear Abby, for writing this book. I hope more families buy it and benefit from it. God bless!!

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