Singapore Math Grade 8 Sol. Manual (level 2)

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New Elementary Mathematics 2 Textbook Solution Manual (8th grade) is are designed to be used as tools with the New Elementary Mathematics Textbook. It is recommended that the student not resort to the manuals too soon, for much learning occurs in "wrestling with" a challenging problem, but they can serve as helpful guides in working through difficult problems. These solution manuals are a great resource for parents/instructors working through math problems with their children.

The solutions manuals provides step-by-step solutions to the textbook chapter Exercises, Revision Exercises, Miscellaneous Exercises and Assessment Papers. It does not provide answers or solutions to the Class Activities, nor to the Challenger and Problem Solving Exercises at the end of each chapter, nor to the Investigation sections which appear every 3-4 chapters. Those answers and solutions are found in the Teacher's Guide/Teacher's Manual. This Solution Manual does not cover exercises found in the workbook. Copyright 2001. Dimensions 7.5 x 10 Inches. Softcover. 247 pp.

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