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That Girl of Pierre's When Danielle, her grandmother, and young brother return to their village at the end of World War II, they are hoping for the best. But her parents, and Marc, Danielle's sweetheart, are still missing. In Danielle's determination to reclaim a life for the family she finds new strengths within herself. These strengths eventually call forth an entire village to awaken to the challenges they face - to relinquish old ways, to stand for the right, to face hurts and find forgiveness. A new form of cooperation is afoot, thanks to "that girl of Pierre's". 179 pp, Softcover, 5.5. x 8.5, Copyright 1948.

Comments on this book by Dr. Mary Kay Clark: I recommend this book, especially for teen girls. Danielle, her grandmother, and her younger brother return to their small hometown in France after World War II. All three of them need to work in order to survive. Danielle's parents have not been heard from in three years, but they continue to plan for the day they believe the parents will return. Danielle, about 17, is bright and clever and wise as she meets the difficulties of everyday life in a war-torn village. The story is fast-paced, not bogged down with too much description. The family is Catholic, but God and going to Sunday Mass does not seem to directly influence their lives. The book is well-written, realistic, and fast-paced. It teaches our children the daily difficulties of life after war. This story is important to remind our children that we have comfortable lives indeed, and we need to appreciate the blessings of freedom and liberty, and freedom from oppression, injustice, and real poverty.

This book is part of a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature from Bethlehem Books.

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My daughter loves history especially with young women as the protagonist.

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