Little Latin Readers: Primer B - Workbook

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Companion Workbook for Liber Secundus - Primer B: Britanni et Galli (The Britons and Gauls). Activities direct the student to modify second declension masculine and neuter nouns with adjectives. He/she will also learn singular and plural endings for the nominative, genitive, accusative and ablative cases, achieve a solid understanding of various noun functions, study the three genders of nouns, and have many chances to identify these important sentence elements: subject, predicate nominative, predicate adjective, nouns of possession, prepositional phrases, adjective phrases, being verbs and transitive verbs. Answer Key included. 8.5 x 11 inches. 138 pages.

Be sure to check out the Primer B: Britanni et Galli Drill Book as enrichment and extension of the lessons in the Puella Romana Workbook.

See also Primer B: Britanni et Galli Complete Set

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Collorafi, Julie


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