Little Latin Readers: Primer B - Complete Set

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New- Premium Edition: Expanded to a Full-Year Course with Teacher's Guide!

Newly Expanded editions include a complete Teachers' Guide featuring detailed daily lesson plans along with tests, quizzes, reviews and answer keys.

Primer B: Britanni et Galli (The Britons and Gauls) introduces the student to slightly more difficult Latin sentences and longer paragraphs in engaging illustrated stories about the inhabitants of ancient Britain and Gaul. Second declension masculine and neuter nouns are used in sentences with simple third person being verbs and intransitive verbs in the present tense. The genitive case of the first and second declension and the use of nouns of possession are introduced. The student will learn more prepositions and a rich variety of new vocabulary words.

One of the great strengths of the Little Latin Reader program is that it combines the best features that are most effective in learning a language: gentle immersion at a gradual pace which will give students an important sense of achievement and success since they will be reading Latin sentences and paragraphs in story context from the beginning. This set provides all the tools you need to starting teaching your young students Latin language while instilling a faith-based Catholic foundation. Little Latin readers offers a strong and thorough curriculum perfectly made for the homeschool setting.

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