The Restless Flame

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From the popular Louis de Wohl Series of historical novels about the saints, published by Ignatius Press. In his vigorous and inimitable style, Louis de Wohl tells the story of St. Augustine's transformation from a vain, sensual youth to the brilliant, devout writer and theologian-the man who conquered himself completely as he did the adversaries of the Church-whose literary and philosophical masterpieces were to dominate Western thought for a thousand years. De Wohl has carefully re-created the exciting historical background of the time-the turbulent atmosphere of the Roman Empire in the last days of decadence-skillfully weaving together the personalities whose lives closely affected Augustine: Monica, his saintly and heroic mother; majestic Ambrose, Bishop of Milan; and many others who lend richness and depth to the life story of this great Doctor of the Church. Recommended for grade 10. 1979, Ignatius Press. 303pp.

It should be noted that this book does contain somewhat adult content (such as St. Augustine's sinful life before his conversion) and though there is nothing graphic reader discretion is advised.

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