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The Sacraments: Source of our Life in Christ Book Set

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New! The Sacraments: Source of our Life in Christ (Semester Edition) - Through his great love for us, Jesus Christ suffered and died for our redemption, and he desires to share the grace he won for us with every person. He instituted the Sacraments and entrusted them to his Church as a primary means of transmitting grace, which helps us to live the Christian life.
This text examines each sacrament as a source of grace and an intimate encounter with Jesus Christ and the liturgy as the public worship of the Church. It presents each of the Seven Sacraments in its own chapter, explains how it is celebrated, and describes its purpose in the Christian life as an intimate encounter with Jesus Christ. It also examines Christian liturgy as well as popular prayers, devotions, and sacramentals.
The Student Workbook allows the student to engage the Seven Sacraments through compelling and meaningful exercises. Using combinations of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer questions, the students recall and apply concepts from the textbook to their own lives. Recommended for Grade 10.

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