Merriam-Webster's How To Use Your Dictionary

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How To Use Your Dictionary is a great addition for home school students. The book contains "dictionary and thesaurus skills through games, puzzles, and quizzes." Most students never spend time learning specifically about the dictionary and thesaurus, yet these two reference books are certainly important books which a student should use during the elementary and high school years. This 84-page workbook contains exercises which encourage the student to use and to become familiar with the dictionary and thesaurus, hopefully to develop a habit of using them. Too many students today struggle when they write paragraphs, essays, and book reports. If they would use their dictionary and thesaurus, their writing and speaking vocabulary would improve. Hopefully, this workbook would encourage a student to develop a great daily habit of using the dictionary and thesaurus whenever they have a writing assignment. Soft cover. Answer key. 84 pp

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