Courageous Quest

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Book 5 in the Gospel Time Trekkers 6 book series.

In this fifth volume of the Gospel Time Trekkers series, children are taken on a journey that imaginatively retraces Jesus restoring Bartimaeus' sight and calling Zacchaeus down from the tree. On this journey, young readers personally encounter Jesus, experiencing what it was like to live in his time and be present for important Scriptural events. Remaining true to Biblical culture and scholarship, this historical fiction book offers a creative presentation of Christian faith and values, making it the perfect addition to your home or school library!

The three siblings, along with a toddler they are babysitting, time travel to a marketplace in Jericho. There, they meet a woman named Leah who reveals that Jesus was in town a few days ago and is now on his way to Jerusalem. Leah's son, Daniel, invites the travelers back to their house, where he tells them about Jesus healing the blind beggar Bartimaeus and calling the fraudulent tax collector Zacchaeus down from the sycamore tree. Filled with excitement from listening to Daniel's stories, the siblings want to meet Jesus more than ever before. But as they get ready to set out on their journey to Jerusalem, Leah cautions them about getting lost and being robbed along the risky roads that lie ahead. Will the siblings ignore Leah's warning to go find Jesus? How risky are those roads anyway? Read on to discover how taking responsibility for our actions is the most courageous quest of all! Recommended for ages 6-11. Copyright 2014. Approximate dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Soft cover. 81 pp.

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