Gospel Time Trekkers 6 Book Set

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This set contains all six books in the series: Shepherds to the Rescue, Braving the Storm, Danger at Sea, Mystery of the Missing Jars, Courageous Quest, and Discovery at Dawn.

The Gospel Time Trekkers is a delightful series that immerses the young reader in Bible times and the story of the Gospel. Follow the adventures of Caleb, along with his brother Noah and sister Hannah, as they travel back to the time of Jesus and experience first hand the stories that literally saved the world. Peek inside that new born baby's stall; feel the wind, smell the fish as you cast to and fro in the Sea of Galilee through the pale light of lanterns in the dark; sit next to the girl who was raised back to life by the Lord himself and listen as she retells the story in her own words; feel your heart explode when you wake up "on the third day" to the cry, "Jesus is coming!" and realize that the one thing you ever really wanted is about to come true.

These books are excellent for young readers, as they are simple to read, but children as old as ten or eleven will also enjoy them. They also make a good "read-aloud" story time for younger children. Copyright 2013 and 2014. Each book is soft cover, approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches, and 70-80 pages in length.

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